Signal Bells


    Bell, signal, brass 4” Pc.
    Bell, signal, brass 5” Pc.
    Bell, signal, brass 6” Pc.
    Bell, signal, brass 8” Pc.
    Bell, signal, brass 10” Pc.
    Bell, signal, brass 12” Pc.
    Radio Room Clocks


    IMPA CODETypeUnit
    370201 Clock, radio room, quartz, 200 mm dia. Pc.
    Marine Clocks


    IMPA CODETypeUnit
    370204 Clock, marine, quartz 200 mm Pc.



    IMPA CODETypeUnit
    370241 Dial Type Heavy glass front, 200mm dial
    370242 Tube Type Single tube clinometer
    Azimuth Circles


    HeightInner Dia.Outer Dia.Unit
    120 246 260 Pc.
    Sounding Leads


    IMPA CODEDescriptionweight
    370301 Hand Lead 3.2
    370302 Deep Sea Lead 12.7
    Sounding Rods


    IMPA CODEGraduationLengthNO.Shape of Rod
    370309 Metric 1 mtr 5 Round
    370310 Metric 1 mtr 5 Square
    Day Singnal


    IMPA CODEDescriptionUnit
    370581 Black ball, net diam, 610mm Pc.
      Black ball, cloth diam, 610mm Pc.
    370582 Black cylindrical shape, net diam, 610mm Pc.
    370583 Black conical shape, net diam, 610mm Pc.
      Black conical shape, cloth diam, 610mm Pc.
    370584 Double conical shape, net diam, 610mm Pc.
    370585 Diamond shape, net diam, 610mm Pc.
      Diamond shape, cloth diam, 610mm Pc.
    Nautical Triangles 1. Inoue Type


    IMPA CODEFunctionSizeTypeUnit
    371007 Danger angle and protractor 360 mm Inoue Pr.
    Nautical Triangles 2. Kent Type


    IMPA CODEFunctionSizeTypeUnit
    371008 protractor 360 mm Kent Pc.
    Chart Room Compasses


    IMPA CODETypeUnit
    371016 Compass, chart room, 170 mm Pr.
    Chart Dividers


    IMPA CODELength
    371011 150mm
    371012 170mm
    371013 200mm
    Chart Weights


    IMPA CODEweight
    371021 550g
    371022 900g
    Flag Hooks


    IMPA CODETypeUnit
    371581 Flag hook, complete upper/lower Set
    371582 Flag hook, upper side Pc.
    371583 Flag hook, lower side Pc.
    Flag Blocks


    IMPA CODETypeUnit
    371586 Flag hook, brass, 32 mm Pc.
    371587 Flag hook, brass, 38 mm Pc.
    371588 Flag hook, brass, 50 mm Pc.
    Merchant Flag


    3'*4',4'*6',6'*8' merchant flags are available.
    When order,please specify the name of country and specification


    Magnetic Compasses


    IMPA CODEDescriptionUnit
    372551 Magnetic compass (With further information) Set